Monday, May 28, 2007


Deniska got into the Oreo cookies and I thought I would take a picture of him! He is such a silly goose!

We had a wonderful day at church yesterday. I always love Pentecost with the priests dressed in red. Yesterday was Father Smith's last Sunday. He has been assigned to Beaufort, SC. He has grown up before our eyes and he will be sorely missed.

Father Newman will return next Sunday from his Sabbatical. I can hardly wait as he returns to the pulpit. He is just awesome!

The boys are doing a little better in church. We still have lots of squirming around. I can understand that since the service is almost 1 1/2 hours long. It's hard for little ones to sit still for that long.

Today was Memorial Day. We stayed at home since Dennis was on call. So far, he has not had to leave. I hope he doesn't. I made chicken pot pie for lunch and we had sandwiches and left overs for supper. Nikolai ate 3 jelly sandwiches! Deniska finished up everything else. Both boys have healthy appetites but are not overweight.

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St. Therese

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