Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Last Friday (June 22, 2007) at 5:00 PM, our air conditioner went on to be with the big AC in the sky. *weep* It was hard letting it go, especially when a new one will cost $3,800. The new one promises to be better and use LESS electricity. In a few years, "it will pay for itself!" At least, that's what Mr. O'Kelley (our local "air man" told me).

However, we are doing fine. We spend the day at the house with the fans, and at night, we go next door to sleep. It's not been too bad. The boys don't seem to be affected by the heat at all. They just sweat and keep going. I am getting used to the heat. Poor Dennis is the one suffering. He is in a nice air-conditioned office all day and then comes home to a hot house.

We will be gone on vacation next week so only the kitties will be hot. Our new unit will be put in July 9th. It will be nice to have a cool house once more.


  1. Children don't seem to feel the heat like we do, do they? I hate heat, but I do remember growing up in the South, and not feeling the heat. I played outside all the time in those days. Must have been my teen years before the heat hit me full force!
    Hope your vacation is restful, peaceful, and fun!

  2. Wish I could send some of this Oklahoma rain to you. It rains here everyday, I think we are up to 18 days in a row now and it is new record.
    All the rain has kept the temperatures down into the 70s and 80s.
    have lots and lots of fun on vacation :)

  3. I sympathize with you, Susan. I was miserable last year when we were without air for a couple of weeks. Hope you have a great (cool!) vacation. :)

  4. Hopefully you will have your new AC and will be relaxing in the cool air. Have fun on vacation!

    Oh, by the way, SURPRISE!! lol


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