Friday, June 22, 2007

Why me?

I am sure that is what Nikolai thinks when he is being punished for inappropriate behavior (like mocking his VBS teacher!) His daddy has confined him to his bedroom until Dad gets home this afternoon. This picture was taken at lunch after he finished crying for awhile. Look at those big eyes! This is the hardest part of adoption - discipline coupled with love and understanding. Here's a child taken away from everything he knows - his home, his culture, his language and thrust into all new experiences. He is learning the language, is not yet sure if these strangers are going to keep him or not, and is not sure if he wants to stay or not! :)

He's been here for 3 months and 3 weeks. Although his English is coming along well, he still struggles with some of the idioms, slang, and verbiage of our culture. I don't think the orphanages he had been in held him to such a high standard of behavior. He'll be fine - just needs a little attitude adjustment from time to time!

Yesterday I took both boys to my friend Gail's home and her parents' home. Deniska and Nikolai both got to feed the 4 week old orphaned baby goats. The little goats were so cute and the boys enjoyed seeing the goats, rabbits, calf, donkeys, dogs, and other critters there on the farm. This is my friend Gail with Deniska in this picture.

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  1. I understand your challenge about disclipline. I have the same thoughts going on in my head, too, concerning Brianna and Cheyenne.
    Much prayer for you, my friend!


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