Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to Life

Today the boys returned to school after Christmas break. I will return next Tuesday to school. The house is too quiet without them here. This morning was chaotic since we have not been to school for 2 weeks - even though I had told the boys to get ready for today. Folders had to be found, reading had to be done, lunches had to be packed, teeth had to be brushed, hair needed to be comb, breakfast had to be fixed and eaten, whew! Tomorrow should be much easier since we will be back in the routine. Did I mention the house is way too quiet? I miss them when they are not here with me!

Today Larry and I will go the insurance company to stop the house insurance in Mama's name and put it in mine. Then on to the bank to close out the bank account. Yesterday started in Probate Court, then to the funeral home getting death certificates and filing insurance claims, then to BiLo to have a fruit basket made for the staff at the nursing home. We came home for lunch. After lunch we delivered the fruit basket to the nursing home and one last good-bye to all the folks who cared for Mama. Then we went to Edward Jones to take care of shared investments and having those changed to individual investments. I am so glad Larry is here to help me with those. Our Edward Jones broker is so nice and very patient with all my questions. Then back to the funeral home to sign papers. Finally home after a full day of running around. Yesterday was busy but very productive! Today we start on the next set of things to do. I wrote thank you notes last night to the folks who had delivered food and flowers.

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  1. Some things are just "hard" to do, and all those tasks you are doing now are the difficult things.
    I had never done anything like that until my FIL passed away, and choosing his casket was really difficult. My sweet SIL can always say just the right thing, and she had us laughing over Dad's final suit.
    Bless your sweet heart as you go through these final things for you momma.


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