Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Nikolai!

Today is Nikolai's 7th birthday and his very first American birthday! He wanted doughnuts for school today instead of cupcakes! (go figure - the child does not like cupcakes of any kind!) He originally wanted pink icing on his doughnuts but I talked him into just glazed ones instead - whew! I made these really cute boxes full of candy for each child in the class. He had a good time at school. (Deniska, on the other hand, "accidentally" kicked another child but that's a different story!) Anyway, back to Nikolai. He wanted to eat at "Tacomigos" for dinner. So, off to Los Amigos we went for a nice Mexican meal of tacos and rice. Then for a surprise, the wait staff brought him fried ice cream (free of charge), sang "Happy Birthday" to him in Spanish and then smeared cool whip and chocolate on his nose! hehehe - they had us all laughing. It was a fun evening. Nikolai got all of his birthday wishes this morning. He wanted a small 3 drawer organzier (for his "val'bles"); a truck that the doors opened and closed; and a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi! He was easily pleased and so proud of his gifts! It has been a nice day. He is now soundly asleep on this his first day of being 7!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Nikolai! Give him a hug from us :)
    ~ Joanne

  2. Happy 7th birthday, Nikolai!! I like 7 year olds so much, we have TWO of them!

  3. Happy Belated 7th birthday Nikolai.My grandson Jeremy is counting the days till his 7th birthday which won't be till April 27th.Sounds like you had a very special birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday to Nikolai!

    You know as a teen I wanted to change my name and Nikolai was the middle name I wanted. :)

    Hope you feel better soon, too! It's no fun being sick. :(

  5. Happy Birthday to Nikolai! He must of had a blast!!

  6. Belated Happy birthday to Nikolai.

    Luv & best wishes

    Maisie, Dave, Thomas & David

  7. Belated Happy Birthday to Nikolai!! It looks like he had a special day. I like his choice of gifts.


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