Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Conversations from the back seat

Yesterday, I was listening to an audio book on my iPod as I was driving home. I admit that I really just wanted a break from the back seat incessant talking of those 2 seven-year-old boys, especially Deniska, who will ask a zillion questions within 2 minutes. Anyway, I digress. After the 10th question in 5 seconds, I finally explained to Deniska that I was listening to my book and I could not hear him. I put in my earplugs (do they still call them that?) and I pretended to be listening to the book. I did not have the iPod on, just wanted a break from talking – sneaky, huh? After a few minutes the conversation from the back seat went like this:

Deniska: Mama can’t hear anything Nikolai!
Nikolai (exasperatedly): Yes, Deniska. She is listening to her book and cannot hear us.
Deniska (doubtfully): We can say anything about her we want and she can’t hear us. Right?
Nikolai (irritated): Yes, Deniska.
Deniska (thoughtfully): Mama is so sweet! I love her!
Nikolai (after a pause): I ate a booger one time. I didn’t like it.
Deniska: Yuck! That’s gross.
Nikolai: I only did it one time.
Deniska: Are you sure?


  1. Those are the best times when the kids don't realise that anyone is listening/watching them. you get to see/hear some wonderful things

  2. This is sweet and terribly funny at the same time Susan! It may have you trying this more often. :)

    Hugs ~

  3. I was thinking the same as Heidi that you might want to try that again sometime.Don't blame you for wanting some quiet after being around your students all day.I know grandson Jeremy can really talk when we pick him up after school.I can just imagine two seven year old boys together.

  4. Hi again Susan! I just tagged you for the six word memoir on my NeedleNecessitites blog so come on over and take a look.....

    Hugs ~

  5. Susan, you always leave me giggling with Deniska and Nikolai stories :) I think you need to write a book!
    Hugs, Joanne


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