Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter and Curtains

What do the 2 of these things have in common? Absolutely nothing! Just thought I would write about both at one time. Mrs. Easter Bunny was too tired and sick to go Easter basket shopping so Mr. Easter Basket volunteered to take care of Easter Baskets! This was wonderful to Mrs. Easter Basket except Mr. Easter Basket was worried that there was not enough candy in the baskets. So, Mrs. Easter Bunny went back to Wal-Mart to get more candy. The boys loved their baskets (needless to say) and all was well in Compton Land. The Easter Bunny (Harvey) came to the house during church on Easter Sunday morning. I always like for church to come first and then the Easter Baskets. The suits they have on came from their cousins (Anthony and Christian). Deniska and Nikolai wore them to my mother's funeral and Nikolai wanted to know if we were going to see Grandma again at her church. Poor little thing! Anyway, here are a few pictures of the baskets and boys! All the candy is gone, I have no idea where the cars are, and the boys enjoyed every minute.

I never did get around to coloring eggs with the boys. I just was not in the celebrating mood. This holiday was extremely hard on me and the loss of my mother. I called my brother Saturday morning in tears and cried on his shoulders for an hour or so. It's been a hard 3 months since her death. I miss her.

One of the ways I deal with death and pain is by sewing and crafting. I decided that we needed new valances in the kitchen. Of course we didn't, but that did not stop me! NO sir, I pulled out my material and went to sewing on Monday. I am not sure that the valances exactly match the curtains but I like the material. I may see if I can find more of the material and make roman shades for the side windows or just take down the curtains all together. We live in the country. No one can see into the kitchen except the deer and turkey and they don't seem to mind.

Tonight Deniska came running in all out of breath shaking say that Nikolai had cut his finger off! This cause some concern on my part and even their Daddy pulled himself away from the computer long enough to look at the "cut off" finger. It ended up being a skinned knuckle and a tiny cut on the finger tip - not even any blood!!! Apparently, he stuck his finger in a "cutting thing" (according to Deniska) and got stuck. Deniska pulled Nikolai's finger out and it got skinned. This was after Nikolai fell off his play motorcycle as he was trying to swing from a make shift rope swing. Deniska almost hyperventilated as he was telling me about the tragedy! BOYS!!!!! Never a dull moment in the country!

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  1. Your valances are lovely. They are so colorful. Very pretty.
    I am happy that the boys had a wonderful easter but I feel so bad that you are having such a rough time with the loss of your mom. I wish I could say something to help you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers (((Susan)))


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