Saturday, March 15, 2008


My beloved pet, Izzy, died yesterday. Dennis found him last night in his closet curled up as if he was sleeping. I believe that Izzy was not in pain his last few days. I spent a long time petting him yesterday morning and he tried his best to purr. I told him it was OK to die.

I know that Izzy was just a cat, not yet a year old. He was the sweetest kitten I have ever had and loved me. He helped me get through Mama's death by staying by my side. To lose him, brings all those feelings of grief and loss back to the surface. Today, we will tell the boys and dispose of the body. I am not sure how Deniska will take the news since Izzy was technically his kitten. I have been telling Deniska that Izzy was not going to live so perhaps it will not be too big of a shock.

Dennis asked if I wanted a new kitten but I am not ready for that. I just want Izzy. He will be missed.


  1. I am so sorry you lost your Izzy. Whne my cat died I could not get another one. Your post brought me to tears. It does ease up a bit in time. Hugs

  2. Susan, I am so sorry to hear about Izzy. He was more than "just a cat"; he was a member of your family. My heart and sympathy go out to you. Let yourself grieve and feel all the emotions that your body and soul need to. Big hugs to you.

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how much he meant to you, a valuable family member. Now he will be curled up in your mother's lap purring away to her as she strokes his soft fur.

  4. Oh Susan! I am so sorry to hear about Izzy! I hope Deniska will take the news okay. Well, hey, I hope your heart mends too very soon. I know it is heartbreaking and it seems we never get used to loosing a cat. They are such great friends and companions! They are there with us no matter how we look or feel. And they put up with all those kissed and cuddles no matter how they feel. I know you will never forget Izzy but once you can, do try to get a new friend for your home. Izzy was a lucky little kitty to have found your love!

    Comfort hugs ~

  5. Hey Susan, Sorry for the delay in sending my condolences. I know you loved that witty. I know my kittem prompted your getting Izzy and the other one. Perhaps you'll be ready for another soon. Sorry for your loss. Love, Deanna


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