Saturday, August 30, 2008

All You Magazine

I just bought my first issue of the ALL YOU magazine and I love it! For $1.77 (at Wal-Mart), I was able to get a little over $17 in coupons that we will use. That's a good return on money. I also purchased a magazine subscription through Great American Online for $24 for 18 issues of which $9.60 will go to my children's elementary school. It was a win win situation. I don't know why I had never heard of the magazine until recently. I am so glad that I have and will now enjoy those savings.

I had a good week in coupon shopping. I think I came in under the 50% mark on everything. That means that if I bought $100 worth of groceries, I really bought $200. Coupons are such a great way to save money. It seems that everything is just going up and up!

Time to go to bed now. I baked pizza for supper, then a pan of brownies for Nikolai (who rarely asks me cook him something special) and a pan full of sausage for our breakfast this coming week. I am not feeling well - a cold I suspect is coming on. It's time for me to head to bed!

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  1. I love All You magazine! I've been reading it since it came out - a couple of years now, I think. The coupons are great too, aren't they?


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