Saturday, October 4, 2008

I can't believe...

...that I have not posted since September 17th! I am way too busy for that nonsense. Let's see if I can get myself caught up. I have had a headache for 2 days now. Nothing I take seems to help any. I don't know if it's the weather, sinus problems, or nerves - could be all three. Our weeks are nonstop from Sunday to Saturday. I do not like being so busy. We have had soccer games 2 to 3 times a week, religious ed, school meetings, etc.... We are all tired from this hectic schedule. I will be glad when we can take a short break between soccer and basketball.

Today I had to take Nicholas to the vet. He has an eye infection. Apparently, he was sparring with another cat and got scratched in the eye. So now we have to literally wrestle this huge, strong cat down to put salve in his eyes several times a day! We try different tactics like sneaking up on him, wrapping him in a towel, holding him - all to no avail. It's not a pleasant job. One of us (Dennis or myself) always gets scratched. The vet was not too happy with Nicholas this morning as he wrestled him to give him a shot. Siamese cats are not know for their complacency and Nicholas certainly demonstrated this well.

Deniska has been living on the edge as he tried to develop a smart mouth with his mama! What was he thinking?! He gets like that when he is really tired. This past Thursday was the climax as he raised his voice back at me to be defiant. He was not so brave when he had to forfeit his soccer game, get a spanking, and go to bed early. We normally do not take sports away but this night he went just a little too far. His daddy administered the spanking (this is only the 2nd spanking in his life!) as I do not spank at all. However, I may just change my mind....

Both boys took an achievement test in school. Both were on grade level in math and both are behind in reading. Not a big surprise to me at all. I also want to write that I do not put a lot of stock in achievement tests. There are so many factors that go into testing on a particular day. I know my boys and I know what they are capable of both academically and personally.

Let's see, anything else? My tomatoes are almost all gone. We will expand out little cubic foot garden next year. Oh, I almost forgot, we have a new lawn crew. They are so professional and our yard has never looked better! They are an answer to prayer.

Speaking of prayer, our boys are learning their prayers for church. They are so sweet when they pray. We are also learning the books of the New and Old Testament. I can't think of anything else right now. I'll try to do a better job in keeping this up to date.


  1. Susan, it's so good to see a message from you again!! You all sound WAY too busy. Good thing Christmas is only 81 days a way (yikes!!) so you have a bit of a school break. By the way, Nicholas looks a tad bit angry in that picture, hehe.

  2. I have been missing you on CHL, so I'm glad to see you updated your blog. You sound so busy - and overwhelmed. It is HARD juggling a job, a husband, 2 little boys, and homekeeping. Maybe you can take early retirement?!

    And, hey, don't change your mind on the no spanking. I spanked my kids once in awhile when they were little and now that I'm "older and wiser", I'm sorry I did so. There's much more effective disclipine techniques. Hitting a child only teaches them that the parent is out of control, and that violence is the way to solve problem. Oh well, off my soapbox now!

    Hugs to you...

  3. Susan..How nice it was to see a post from you on your blog this morning.I have really missed you on CHL but understand how busy you are.I do know how busy soccer can be.Ken and I take grandson Jeremy to soccer practice two evenings a week then he has a game on both Saturday and Sunday.This is the last week for soccer.Jeremy is moving on to Tai Kwan Do(I know the spelling is wrong,lol) two evenings a week starting next week.It is suppose to be good for his low muscle tone.He had his first practice last night since it was on Tuesday evening.It is non competitive which was highly recommended.Have a wonderful October and give your boys a hug for me:)You are missed!


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