Monday, November 3, 2008

Dynamic Duo

Dennis just sent this picture to me from one of his co-workers. She had made this picture at the office Halloween party on October 31. His office really got into the Halloween mood and everyone dressed up as their favorite character - even my husband! He went as a Judge.

Deniska was sick today. He threw up at the dinner table. Fortunately, no one was hit and we had not started eating yet. I had a meeting after school and during the meeting he complained of a really bad headache and tummy ache. He turned white as a sheet and became really clammy. Once he threw up and took a bath, he said he felt fine. I wonder if it was something he ate (like the ton of Halloween candy) or just a virus? I'm glad we are out of school tomorrow for him to rest.

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  1. They look like they are having so much fun this year for Halloween Susan! I hope it was just too much candy that made Deniska sick. I have my second bout with a cold now in just 3 weeks time. There are so many people sick right now in Holland. Seems the cold and flu season has started a bit early.

    Hugs ~


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