Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Protest for boys

The boys participated in their first peaceful protest this afternoon. We were praying the rosary outside of our church to show support for Father Newman. We do not feel that the boys were too young to understand what was going on. It is our intention for them to be aware of the teachings of Christ. The church was packed tonight for Mass with many parishioners standing in the back all showing their support. How blessed we are to have Father Newman!!


  1. Good for you all, Susan.
    The pro-life platform is the main reason Jeff and I vote Republican.

    To me, the scariest thing Obama and the dem. controlled house and senate will do, is the very liberal judges they will be able to appoint.

    Bobby was in 5th grade when he asked me about abortion. I explained it very simply - that it takes about 9 months for a baby to grow inside a mother but sometimes a decision is made to stop the pregnancy and that an abortion is when drs. stop that baby from being born.
    He thought about it all for a minute and then said "I am sure glad you did not do that to me"

    Your boys are old enough to understand enough of it anyway.

  2. Rhonda, you are right. They know that Father is under attack for standing up for what is right. They understand that abortion is killing a baby before it is born. I think it was good for them to see others take a stand for what is right.

  3. Yes the only reason wrong with this is that you vote on a singular issue. This is crazy. You are brain washing your boys and not allowing them to see the other view. I am personally against abortion, but I am also against legislating into the home and telling a woman who was raped that she must have the baby. I care more about her.

  4. You wrote: "I am also against legislating into the home and telling a woman who was raped that she must have the baby. I care more about her." I understand. However, why would you kill the child resulting from the rape? Those cases are a small percentage of abortions. There is always adoption for couple who cannot have children. There is not another view for our boys. The Bible is very clear on this matter. And, since we are Christians, it is the only choice for us.


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