Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gas prices

I took this picture at the gas station today because gas is FINALLY below $2.00 a gallon! Just look at the smile on Dennis' face! He was a happy camper!! (Isn't he cute?!) Of course, I was too because that means I can run all over the county without feeling too guilt about the rising gas prices!

We are not using our natural gas to heat with this winter. It is cheaper for us to use electric space heaters. It helps that we do not get really cold weather too. I have the thermostat set at 58 or some such cold temp. I think the Farmer's Almanac is calling for us to have a warm winter. I would like to have 1 small snow.

The boys had their hair cut today. My hair stylist is so good with them. He cuts it in a nice little boy cut and then gels it for the day. They think they are so cool!!! To celebrate Veteran's Day, they insisted that we do out to eat since we lived in a free country. How do you reason with that? So, we went to Applebee's - mainly because kids eat for $1.50 on Tuesday. They had a good time and received lots of compliments on their new haircuts!


  1. How cute your 3 boys are, love their "do's". :) Wonderful about the gas prices. I paid $2.39 this morning thats the lowest I have paid in a long time. Can't wait till its lower then that and I will have a big smile like Dennis too. LOL

  2. Deniska and Nikolai look so grown up with their spiked hair.Grandson Jeremy has gel put in his hair when he gets a hair cut.He loves the spiked look although his hair cut is a buzz cut.Our gas is sitting at 2.03 a gallon there.Wonder when we will see 1.99? Wish our Applebee's had a special on Tuesdays when children eat for $1.99.That would be such a treat.

  3. I paid $1.99 yesterday. If I had gone somewhere else (besides the place near Occoquan), it would have cost me $2.35.

    Linda in VA

  4. Your boys are adorable, Susan!

    I am so glad gas prices have dropped. Just hope it stays that way! :)


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