Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, Monday

I spent Saturday washing clothes! I lost count of the number of loads I did on Saturday and Sunday. What is it with little boys that laundry ALWAYS has to be done? My MIL, Joyce, raised 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl)! I can't image the amount of laundry she did when they were little. Seems I spend more time with my washing machine and dryer than I do with any other appliance - well, except the stove.

Sure enough, after having all the laundry done in the house on Sunday afternoon, this morning there was another load to do. That's not counting the pair of pants I saw in the floor in the boys' room. All of this being said, I am so thankful that I have a washing machine and a dryer. When we were in Russia, I washed clothes in the sink or tub and hung them to dry on the radiators. Come to think of it, maybe doing laundry is not that big of a deal anymore!

Mondays are always a time to reflect for me. I reflect on the weekend and what was or was not accomplished. I reflect on the upcoming week and what will be on my plate. This week promises to be a less hectic week for right now. Last week I was gone every evening for some reason - mostly after school meetings. Those 12 hour days make for a longgggg day. I leave in the dark and arrive home in the dark.

This week promises to be a better week in that respect. I actually left work on time today and arrive home by 4:oo PM! That's a record for me. Dinner is cooked and we are just waiting for Dennis to come home to eat. The boys have all their homework done, their lunch is packed for tomorrow, and they are happily playing.


  1. I like your new lay-out, very pretty!

    yes, you will have lots of laundry with boys. But boys in clean clothes are much nicer to be around than boys in stinky clothes. :)

  2. I have two sons. They are grown, of course. Reading your blog takes me back to doing all that laundry. It's lots of work. But now that I have just two to do laundry for, I miss it. I understand about the 12 hour days. I like to go home after work and not be out doing other things after work.


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