Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OUT with Walgreens, IN with CVS!!

I used to love Walgreens! I went to bed dreaming of the next visit. I could hardly wait to get my gift card loaded for all the items that I bought. It was a love affair made in coupon heaven. Walgreens used to meet my needs! Walgreens used to welcome me with open arms. Lately, he has been cold to my advances. He won't let me use the coupons anymore. He complains when I have more than one coupon for an item. The managers are poorly trained, the cashiers are not trained at all. I mean I can't get mad at the cashiers for following the policy set my their manager. Today was the last straw. I walked into Walgreens not feeling the love! I referred to my list and gathered up the few items I needed. They had Ricola cough drops for .99 with THEIR coupon. I had a $1.00 coupon from the manufacturer. Not only would it not accept THEIR coupon, it wouldn't take but 1 of my coupons. Their coupon said there was a limit of 3. The poor cashier pointed to a piece a paper that was highlighted and weakly explained that they could only accept 1 coupon per item. I was very nice, as I believe in breaking up on good grounds. I politely told her (and the 10 people waiting in line) that it was "OK" because CVS was on my way home and I would stop there. She replied that Walgreens would hate to lose me as a customer over a coupon. I just looked at her sadly and said, "It's been fun, but you are no longer meeting my needs. I'm not feeling the love!"
I took my purchases to the car and the more I thought about it, the more irritated I became. So, I went back into the store. (I like to have the last word and thought I would give them one more chance!) The cashier looked at me and said, "You want a refund, don't you?" Yes, I did. I then was directed to the manager who said that was their store policy BECAUSE some people came in with coupons and used them. OH the dagger that was plunged into my heart and I knew it was over. How sad.
But, there's always CVS!!

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  1. I would do the same thing if my town only had a CVS.
    I still go to Walgreens but only for really great deals, not for regular shopping at all.

    There is lots of building going on here so I am hopeful we might get a CVS soon.


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