Monday, January 5, 2009

A little paint and a brush...


I had 2 pieces of furniture that I wanted to use in my living room (for sentimental reasons) but they were in bad shape. I'm all for the cottage look but these were a little too much of the 'shabby chic' to suit me. The little table used to be on my mother's front porch and she used it for a plant table. At some point in time, she painted it bright yellow, which is perfect for a porch plant table! The little footstool was bought at a the flea market years and years ago. I just love it and think it has character. It just needed a little tender, loving care! For a long time, the footstool was under my desk and no one saw it at all. But, since I gave my desk away, it is now in the living room. Someone suggested that I paint both pieces black since that was "in" right now. My sweet husband bought me a quart of black paint and brush and told me to paint away! I love to paint so it was not a chore at all. So, Saturday I put the first coat on and Sunday afternoon I put the 2nd coat on. I really like how both pieces turned out.
I haven't quiet decided where the table will go or what its purpose will be. It will work itself out and I will let you know!

Sam really likes the footstool now. I still have to recover the pad. I just put some fabric on it to take the picture. Of course, Sam had to check it out!


  1. great paint choices, Susan!
    I think you will really enjoy these 2 furniture pieces now.

    and the 9 patch quilt on your couch is really pretty too.

  2. Very nice. One of the designers on Trading Spaces years ago (Southern guy, with the pony tail) used to say that every room needs a little something black in it. I think he's right.

  3. They both look great Susan! That really did give them both a wonderful makeover. You will have fun deciding what to use the little table now. Sam has already decided for you what the use for the footstool is...his kitty chair! You just gotta love cats! :)

    I agree with Rhonda about the 9-pacth being very pretty. Did you make it yourself?

    Hugs ~


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