Saturday, January 24, 2009

Upward Basketball

The boys are playing basketball through and they are having a wonderful experience. We are so much better pleased with this organization than we are with our local rec department. They have had 3 games and won all 3. Today was intense since it was touch and go for a little while. Hard to believe that one could get so worked up over a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds running around. They are so cute and sometimes they remember the rules!
Dribbling is still a problem. Nikolai likes to pass the ball (like into the open hands of the opposing team.) Deniska plays defense when he should be playing offense. Other than that, they are both good little players. I hate that this picture of Deniska is blurry - it is so much like him.


  1. Seeing your boys in their basketball and soccer uniforms brings back memories of my boys at that age, as they both played soccer and Tim also played basketball. They grow up so fast! Enjoy every moment. :-)

  2. So cute, Susan! Hey, maybe one day I'll be watching an NBA game and seeing Deniska and/or Nikolai on the team, and I can say "I knew them when", lol. Hugs, Joanne

  3. Nikolai and Deniska look so cute in their green uniforms. I'm so glad they are enjoying Upward. Nathaniel played upward basketball when he was younger (he's 15) and now I believe Anthony (10) is playing too. Wish I could see them play! You and Dennis are such good parents!

    Did I mention that the boys are the cutest in SC?

    Love, Grandma Joyce


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