Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Plumber to the rescue

I think the hardest thing about service people is finding the ones who show up, do a quality job, and not overcharge you. When you find someone like this, they need to go into your cell phone directory on speed dial! I have found such a person in the form of a plumber. Everyone needs a good plumber. Mine is Marty - Marty the Plumber!! During the last cold snap we had, I noticed that an outside spigot at my mom's house was leaking. I thought it had froze during the weather. What I found out today was that it had just rusted through. He replaced the pipe, replaced the spigot, fixed everything back, and left me a happy camper. We now have water again at that house. It's a good thing, especially since we will be staying there for several weeks in the near future.

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St. Therese

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