Friday, May 15, 2009

Credit cards and computer screens

These came in the mail today and this is what I did to them. We live strictly on cash and owe nothing (except for our house) and do not need, nor want, credit cards. I think we have one that Dennis' uses to reserve hotel rooms or airline tickets. Other than that, we use cash for everything. I know that many people use credit cards and pay them off each month. My brother does this. He uses his Discover card for everything and then pays it off each month. It works for him - not for me. Matter of fact, last summer, Discover card called me and told me that they were deactivating my account due to not being used for several years. That was fine with me. What we have discovered is that since we no longer use credit cards, we do not get any credit card offers in the mail any more.

My computer screen died yesterday. It's been sick for awhile and finally passed away yesterday while we were at work. Poor thing, it was all by itself when it died. So, I am on my laptop. I guess I will order a new computer screen this summer. I don't even want to think about ordering one right now.

I have mapped out the calendar for this summer. I think we have 2 free days in June and a few more in July. These are mostly free activities. I have enrolled the boys in swimming class - that's very important. This new swimming teacher has a waiting list and I hope we are able to get in with her. The other days are all art activities, library days, VBS, and fun! I am already tired!

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