Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poor baby!

My little Deniska got stung by a "HUGE" yellow jacket tonight as he was digging in the dirt. He's been working on this particular hole for several weeks now. The boy loves to dig in the dirt. He came running the house holding his arm and crying. Poor little thing was so scared. I applied a baking soda paste, gave him a Benadryl (I need to buy stock in this company), put ice on his arm, held, and rocked him for several hours. He was feeling better by the time he went to bed. I really think he gives off some invisible yellow jacket radar which attracts the yellow jackets to him. He is always the one to get stung. Nikolai even prayed for God to make Deniska feel better. This is significant since Nikolai rarely concerns himself with Deniska's feelings. He really loves his brother but won't admit it for anything! It's been a good day today, with the exception of the sting.

Our book for today was Duck at the Door by Jackie Urbanovic.
When his flock migrates south for the winter, Max opts to stay behind—and quickly regrets it. Luckily, Irene and her pets live nearby in a cozy house, so the quirky duck makes himself right at home for the season, and proves to be a bit of a pest. Just when everyone has had their fill of Max's favorite TV shows, blanket hogging, and experimental cuisine, spring arrives, and he leaves to reunite with his flock—and, naturally, the entire household feels his absence.
This was a great book on teaching how each of us are special in our own way and the value of friendship. It's been my favorite book of the summer, maybe that's because I love ducks!


  1. I am so sorry that Deniska got stung again. I remember that last year he got stung. You are such a good mom, Susan. Please tell Deniska Grandma loves him too, as well as Nikolai.

  2. Susan,

    When I got stung about a year ago, while on vacation with my parents, my Dad remembered hearing about putting vinegar on it. I tried it and it took away all the pain and cleared it up really fast!

    Linda in VA

  3. So sorry to hear that Deniska got stung by a bee.So far Jeremy hasn't managed to get stung but just a scraped knee is hard enough on him.The book sounds like fun.Hope I can find it in our local library for Jeremy to read.He has been reading mostly non fiction books about The Declaration of Independence and different states this summer.


St. Therese

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