Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cleaning Day

Not much going on today except cleaning. This is my last week at home before I start back to work for the new school year. Tomorrow my friend, Gail, is coming to visit. So, I probably need to clean. I have laundry to do, always laundry!!! I need to dust (I hate to dust!) And, I need to straighten the master bedroom. It is a dumping ground of sorts. Everything makes it way to the bed and waits patiently to be placed where it belongs. This is what I need to deal with in the bedroom:

1. I have 5 small packages that I need to wrap and mail. I need to locate some small boxes.

2. I have Religious Education material to get ready to start next week. Did I mention that we were homeschooling our children in Religious Ed? It's an hour drive to the church for Religious Ed so we ordered the same material and will do it ourselves.

3. I need to pack the boys' backpacks with their school material. They are not impressed with the new school supplies, but I am. I almost hyperventilated with excitement yesterday when I bought 25 packs of notebook paper for 27 cents from Staples! Dennis and I are going back tonight to buy some more. He has a family that he wants to help with school supplies.

4. I have a plate rack that need to be spray painted today.

5. I need to decide what I am going to wear next week. No, maybe I will just wait until this weekend to do that. If I ignore the start of school, maybe it won't happen. I know, I know, I have to go.

6. Donate 2 pair of shoes to take the place of the new shoes I bought for this school year. They are both Dansko, which is wonderful for those concrete floors that I am on all day long at school. With our weather, I will be able to wear these until late October. Then, I will pull out my winter shoes.

Aren't they pretty? I bought them from Sierra Trading Post. They arrived yesterday via UPS. I always get a good deal at STP. I think these are the first new shoes I have bought in several years. I bought Dennis a new pair of sandals from there last week. He loves them.
7. I need to go through all the things I need to take back to school and pack the car. It's all taking up space in my closet. I love my job. I know this because I tell myself that every day!
Well, nothing is going to get done unless I get up and get started! Everyone have a good day!


  1. I need to clean too, and plan to do that tomorrow since I don't work until 4:30. Jason and Jackie are coming to visit this weekend, so I'd like the place to be ship-shape! I especially like the more colorful sandals you bought.

  2. Headed over to STP now... Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  3. Better you hs your children in The Catholic Faith, than take the risk of possible errors taught by well meaning lay people. I have had it happen to us over and over - I finally got smart and taught them at home. God is good!

  4. Susan
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