Monday, October 12, 2009

2 boys + legos = big time CREATIVITY!

This past summer when we were visiting Dennis' mother, Joyce, the boys played with her legos. She let them bring home the legos she had and that started out lego phase in this home. I bought more legos this past summer than Wal-Mart had. The boys are totally into building things and since it is good for their eye hand coordination, reasoning skills, problem solving skills, etc... I have no problem in shelling out the money for the little pieces of plastic that I step on in the middle of the night. This is their lego box. I don't know why there are other things in there. I bet they were cleaning up in a hurry and stuck some toys out of the eyesight of their daddy.
Deniska made a "cop car with jets and a boat". It obviously is a multi purpose vehicle! Don't you love his Halloween shirt that I bought him? It glows in the dark.

Nikolai made a motorcycle for the "bad guys" to ride around in on their crime sprees. I hope that is not an indicator of future career choices.

A close up of their creations. They spend hours playing with their legos. This is a good thing since we have no TV during the school week. I really believe that little ones should learn to use their creativity instead of watching TV without a purpose. I don't think TV in and of itself is evil, it just has to be used appropriately. That's why we have a lock on the programs the boys can watch.

We are blessed to have such creative funny little boys. They fill our home with love and laughter. (As you can tell, today has been a good day with them!)


  1. My Nick still has his Rubbermaid box full of Legos and he's almost 26 years old! I don't know that he still plays with them, but I do know that he still shops for them. :o) His most common creations were robots or Star Wars vehicles. I love Legos!

  2. I'm so glad to "see" you back! I hope the school year is going well.


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