Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fair Days

This past week, our school Agriculture's department hosted a fair. It was the first fair that they ever hosted and they did a spectacular job!!! They had a carnival but the main part of the fair was based on agriculture. They had a petting tent, a cattle tent, race cars, tractors, crafts, food vendors, live music, demonstrations of soap making or basket weaving, and various other things. We went Thursday after school - just me and the boys. For some reason, Dennis did not want to join us! Imagine that!!! The boys rode the ferris wheel. I did not buy them a lot of tickets for the carnival, much to their dismay.
They petted the goats and fed them. I think they enjoyed that as much as anything. The goats were cute.

Then, the highlight of the evening, the mechanical bull. Each boy got to ride the "bull" for several minutes. Poor little Nikolai kept falling off. Deniska rode for a long time. He is a "professional" now! The man who was operating this bull was so good to both of them. He put it on the lowest speed to ensure their success. I also got a kick of watching my students riding the bull. Lots of my students are in high school rodeo and their talent shown through when sitting on the bull.

After all the excitement we walked over to the football field where the JV team was having a game. Neither boy was impressed with the football game. They were at a disadvantage since I was the one explaining what was going on with the players, and I know nothing about football except which team was which. They did recognize several of my students dressed out on the field. They thought that was great since they knew them. We also ran into several varsity players that love my boys! I teach the nicest students as they made over the boys!!! Anyway, Nikolai did not like all the yelling and he couldn't understand why the players just did not dunk the ball to score. (Nikolai loves basketball!) Deniska seemed to catch on to what was happening on the field but he was more interested in his friends that were at the ball game. We sat through the ball game until half time and then we had to leave. They were ready to go since our team was losing. The boys needed to take their bath and get in bed. We had such a good evening - just me and the boys. I like for Dennis and I to have separate outings with the boys to make special memories.

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  1. Well Dennis missed out, but it's nice for each parent to have special time with the kids on their own.


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