Saturday, October 31, 2009

This and That

It's been a week of rain and sunshine. We have gone from extremes of hot weather to cold weather. Fortunately, the boys have been to 2 Halloween parties this week to get their fill of candy. They may go trick-or treating tonight. It depends on the weather. Their daddy has already said that they would not be going if it was raining. I agree. I can give them all the candy I have here and they can have a sugar overdose on that. I will show you pictures tomorrow of them in their costumes. They are really cute! Yesterday, Dennis' workplace had a Halloween party for kids. The boys were already scheduled to get out of school early (1:00 pm). Dennis picked them up and took them to his office for the party. His hall was the Wizard of Oz hall. He was the Great and Mighty Oz! Isn't he just adorable?!! Many thanks to his co-workers that got him ready (the hat and mustache) for his part. That's about the extent that Dennis would get dressed up for Halloween. Last year, he played a judge. Can you tell he is a bit conservative? But, I love him!

This past week I was featured in a local newspaper. If you care to read the article, it can be found here. I don't think I even mentioned it to Dennis as we have been so busy this past week. I am covered up with paperwork. For the coming month, I have parent conference scheduled every day (up to 3 a day!) Thank goodness for my co-teacher who helps me with the students. Without her, I would be going crazy about now!

That's about it. Dennis and Deniska went to Anderson this morning to have my car fixed. The engine light came on and it needed checked out and I needed new brake pads. Nikolai and I went to Wal-Mart this morning where I spent more money than I should have. I try to stay out of Wal-Mart for that reason. I really did enjoy having Nikolai all to myself this morning. He is fun to shop with (at least while we are in the toy section!)


  1. Thank you, Susan. I enjoyed immensely everything you wrote today, and loved the picture of that "handsome" Oz. Looking forward to seeing the boys in their costumes. I actually listened to all of the Wizard of Oz rendition. Loved it! I'm a kid at heart.
    Love, Grandma Joyce

  2. Susan..I am so happy for you that you received such a wonderful write up in the newspaper in regards to all of the hard work you put into the grant writing.Nice to see your principal praising all of your hard work for the school.


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