Monday, December 28, 2009

All packed up!

My little tiny living room is once again in order. Deniska and I took the tree and all the decorations down this morning while Nikolai and Dennis cleaned the rest of the house. I don't know who got the better deal - I think Dennis and Nikolai. Deniska and I were tired by the time we finished. I did leave the tree up in the bedroom. I am not ready to totally get rid of Christmas. It's a small tree so it won't be too hard to take down and store. I think I will leave it up until January 10th. That was my daddy’s birthday and he LOVED Christmas.

One of my favorite Christmas presents that I received is my new WIRELESS printer. We can print from any computer in the house to this printer. No cables involved make it a dream. She is compatible to my Vista and the other computers who are all XP. And, she prints in color!! We haven’t had a color printer in the house in years. She’s a HP Photosmart All-in-One printer. She prints, scans, and copies. Woohoo! I've named her Vera. She is my newest best friend!!  (And, I know she is a girl because she works so hard and is always waiting on everyone else!)  Isn't she beautiful? 

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St. Therese

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