Monday, February 8, 2010

Nikolai's Birthday

Nikolai's birthday pictures. He spent the whole day in his pajamas since we attended church the evening before. I love having the option of Saturday services. It's hard to believe that he is nine. Sometimes he acts like he is three, and sometimes like he is forty! He opted for a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Just last year, he wouldn't TOUCH anything chocolate. How quickly they fall for chocolate. He took a giant chocolate chip cookie to school to celebrate on Friday, along with yellow cake and chocolate icing.

Look at that smile. You wouldn't believe that just moments before I had to threaten him with mortal pain to get that smile for his Grandma Joyce. He is so stubborn (where does he get that from - Dennis?!!)

And, of course, Deniska had to get in on the action too! He also wore his pajamas all day. Hmm, doesn't look like either combed their hair... probably didn't brush their teeth either!

They are both such sweet boys!


  1. Thank you, Susan. The pictures are great, of two very handsome young men. And they are eating my favorite cake! Iam looking forward to seeing them in April. Take care and God bless.

    Love, Grandma Joyce

  2. happy birthday to N! how can he possibly be 9 already?

    and you are the winner of the Pillsbury Orange Roll VIP pack, I will give your mailing info to Blogspark and hopefully it will be delivered to you soon~

    and that cake looks delicious too, if I lived closer, I would come get a piece and give N a big birthday hug

  3. He is a boy after my own heart! I love chocolate cake with chocolate icing - throw in some chocolate ice cream and I'm in caffeine heaven - LOL!

    Linda in VA


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