Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The boys and I are all home today on a snow day. It is snowing right now with no accumulation. It is melting as soon as it hits the ground but it is beautiful to watch. We are supposed to have 3-6 inches but I don't see that happening. I am happy to be home today. I went to the doctor yesterday and have bronchitis. It was nice to sleep in this morning, even though Deniska woke me up every half hour asking if he could eat something. Nikolai is watching a movie and Deniska is coloring.
I am really thankful for the blessing we have. We are all nice and warm. We have food in our kitchen. I wish Dennis could be home with us. If it gets bad, he will come home. I am focusing on our blessings for several reasons. Yesterday when I was at the doctor's office, there was a lady who did not pay her doctor's bill because she did not have the money. It was $2. She said she would pay on Wednesday when she got paid. Her insurance must be very good to have a co-pay of only $2. My co-pay is $10. Not knowing the whole story, I did not offer to pay her bill. I did not feel led to do so. But it did remind me to be thankful for the money in my checking account to pay for my bill and drugs. My drugs came to about $80. I do feel much better so I guess it was worth the money.
The other reason, is one of my co-workers found her husband dead yesterday morning. He was in his early 40s. I guess that is why I went to the doctor's in the first place. I certainly do not want to die over something that could have been prevented. On the other hand, I know it is appointed for us to die. God knows when and how. I cherish every day I have with my family. I have the very best husband and 2 precious boys. We are all happy. I pray that we all have a long, happy life together.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I am thankful for my health insurance...I think of the people that don't have any. Maybe I should list that next Monday?

  2. Susan,

    I too am thankful for insurance - especially for my dental issues!! I hope you and the boys are feeling a bit better - it isn't any fun to be sick...

    Linda in VA


St. Therese

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