Saturday, March 13, 2010


After waiting 2 years, we finally had our Domestication hearing on Nikolai yesterday. Judge Cain was our judge and he went over and beyond with both boys. He allowed them to sit in his seat and bang the gavel. So cute! Thank you Judge Cain. After the hearing, we went to Red Lobster for lunch to celebrate. It was a good day for all!


  1. What a great picture. What handsome boys! Wish I could have been there. So glad you must be feeling much better, Susan. Prayed for you.

    Maybe one of the boys will be a lawyer or judge?

    Talk to you soon.

    Love, Grandma Joyce

  2. They look so proud, handsome, and happy!!

    Linda in VA

  3. Great nice that the judge was so kind.

  4. What a special day for Nikolai and your family.Love the picture.So glad to see that you are feeling better Susan.

  5. Our family has walked in your shoes, Susan, and we know the wonderfully happy feelings in your heart!! You have a beautiful family!! I am so happy for you and your family.

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