Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Easy on the ear…..

Poor Nikolai has an earache. I took him to the doctor yesterday afternoon. Bless his heart, he just cried tonight at the dinner table because it hurt so badly. Nikolai is my tough little one who never cries. The doctor said he should feel better by Thursday or I was to bring him back in for another visit. Please pray that he will feel better. It hurts when your child hurts and you can’t make them well.100_5919

He decorated his room all by himself. Apparently, a few old calendars and a roll of tape can result in endless possibilities. He has cats on his side and Deniska has cars on his walls.


  1. I hope Nikolai feels better already! He and Denniska had a good year at school I see. Are they on summer vacation now?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. Your blog really is peaceful. I hope the little guy is better by now. My dd had her share of ear infections and I know its painful for them.

  3. I never knew how painful an ear infection was until I had one myself a couple of months ago. They are awful! My teeth even hurt on that side of my head. So...your poor little guy. I love how he decorated his side of the room!


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