Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Front porch make-over

My friend Tammy challenged us to show our before and after front porch pictures. I think this was in response to a front porch party hosted by Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses.

First, we put the Christmas rug away and swept the porch. 100_0196

Then, we put a red chair on the porch. The chair needs a flower.


Then, we put a begonia in the chair. So far, so good – right?


This is Deniska’s flower wheelbarrow that all came up volunteer this summer. Isn’t it pretty? This has nothing to do with the front porch.


Deniska wanted me to take a picture of him and Tom. Tom has just showed up at our house. He is a stray. I guess he belongs to us now since the boys have been petting him and feeding him! Again, this has nothing to do with the front porch.


The final picture of the front porch. I think the 2 boys make the porch, don’t you?!!100_0203

We may add a few more things over the course of the summer and into fall.


  1. Yes, those two handsome boys do make the front porch and I think the cat has moved in by the looks of it! The pink flowers on a red chair are fantastic.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. This really looks cute Susan! I like the stone on your porch... And what makes the front porch look the bestest is those two handsome young men sitting on it!

    Linda in VA

  3. Your boys are so cute! They DO "make" the front porch!!

  4. The boys are just the touch that your lovely front porch needed!

  5. I love the porch, and the story to go along with it. Yep, two handsome boys definately make the front porch. The rest is pretty, but they are the crowing touch. I love Deniska's wheelbarrow!

  6. The 2 boys are the best part about the porch! Love your stone steps/porch, BTW. Looks so much nicer than the cement stoop we have!



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