Thursday, August 5, 2010



My sister-in-law, who is visiting with us, took this picture this morning in the yard – explains who has been eating the pears!!! Aren’t they beautiful?! My brother said they saw five among the fruit trees. I guess we grow the pears and apples for the deer! It is not unusual for us to see deer and other wildlife in our yard - I just never have a camera with me. My sister-in-law has a brand new camera and it takes beautiful pictures like this one!

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  1. Oh...aren't they graceful looking! You are lucky to have them come so close. We are thrilled that there are a few deer in the woods next to our garden fence in Cranberry Cottage. We have been lucky enough to see them a couple of times whereas you rarely see them here in Holland. They stay too deep in woods but these are grazing right near our cottage.

    Enjoy your visit with your SIL!

    Hugs from Holland ~


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