Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Do

I took the boys to get a haircut to start back to school. School starts back on August 16th for the boys. Nikolai picked out a new style. It’s very short and spiked on top. He is quite proud of himself and wanted to show off his haircut to everyone before he got in the pool.

OK, Nikolai, strike a pose….100_0262

Now, smile like my sweet boy!!!100_0263

Isn’t he just gorgeous?!

On the way home, we drove by the Hospice House and I notice a Pediatric Ambulance leaving. I can only imagine that a young child was taken to the Hospice House for their last days. I said a prayer for the family and a prayer of thanksgiving for my healthy, happy, energetic boys. I am blessed.


  1. yes, Nikolai is gorgeous! but he is growing up so fast. Did you get him some "product" so he can re-do the style? my boys used so much hair gel when they were teens, now they use wax.

  2. He looks so much older with his new "do". I love it!

  3. What a handsome boy!

  4. Nikolai looks so handsome and oh so happy with his new hair cut.When do they start back to school? Jeremy and Mariah start back to school on the 19th.


St. Therese

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