Saturday, October 30, 2010


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Dennis had to dress up at work on Friday for Halloween. I made his costume and he was a BIG hit! The boys went as FedEx men. They had a great time at Dennis’ workplace. Dennis also took them to ‘Trunk or Treat’ at a local church last night. The boys have really enjoyed dressing up with their daddy. Both of them have braces now so they can’t eat all the candy that they are getting but they are having a good time!


  1. Looks like your 3 guys were having fun together.You did a great job on Dennis's costume.Today is granddaughter Mariah's 6th birthday.Her party is this afternoon.Our area is celebrating Trick or Treating this evening so will be going out with Jeremy and Mariah and daughter Kimberly Trick or Treating this evening.

  2. Hi Susan, well, D. certainly looks scary! yikes! d and N look so handsome.
    You did a great job on their costumes.
    It is nice to see a post from you - I know you have your hands full.
    Happy candy day to you all.


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