Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome Home!

Those can be the sweetest words you can ever hear at certain points in your life. One of those times was 6 years ago today. We had landed in Atlanta, GA airport and was going through customs when a very nice customs man said exactly that, “Welcome home!” What made this time special, among other things, is that we were returning from Russia with Deniska for the very first time. I remember thinking that the Russians would change their minds and we wouldn’t be safe until we landed on American soil. Those memories are still very special to me. It was a long flight home. I was sick and out of it. Deniska was giving his daddy a run for his money on the plane. It was a long, long flight. Welcome home. Welcome home to the greatest nation on earth. Welcome home to our family and friends. Welcome home to our own little house, now a home with a child. Welcome home to everything familiar - including Big Macs from McDonald's! Welcome home to the rest of our lives. Welcome home! Sweet, sweet words!!

This was made at the Hotel Ukraine the night before we left. Look how little he was.


This was in Frankfurt, Germany as we waited for our connecting flight to Atlanta. Deniska would not have anything to do with me. He only wanted his daddy. He dumped Dennis for me when he figured out what “mama” was all about! Don’t they both look exhausted?!


This is one of my most favorite pictures of those early days. Deniska loved my mother and she adored him. This was made before the Alzheimer’s got so bad. This picture always brings tears to my eyes. I miss my mama. Picture 036a


  1. Susan, these entries brought tears to my eyes too. How precious! How well I remember your and Dennis' trips to Russia and the sacrifices you both have made. And I can hear you saying, "It was worth it!". Thank you for posting these thoughts and pictures to remind us of "Home Sweet Home" and God's gracious gifts!
    You and Dennis are special, as are Deniska & Nikolai. Love, Grandma Joyce

  2. God has blessed you and Dennis with two beautiful sons; and He has blessed them with two loving parents! What a good God we serve!!


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