Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Furniture Shopping and the Dentist

I only worked a half day today.  Deniska had a dentist appointment at 1:00 and  I got him out of school at noon.  This ended up being a half hour too early so we stopped at a new furniture place in town.  He and I checked out all the sofas and chairs.  We found many that we loved liked but none that we bought.  Furniture is so pricey these days.  I am just tired of my furniture.  It is not comfortable and we rarely sit in our living room.  I would like to change the whole room around.  Wish I had a money tree!!

Before I picked him up today I stopped at Dollar General and found this sweet little metal bird.  The sign in his beak says "Follow Your Heart."  I just fell in love with him and had to bring him home with me.  I am not sure where he will finally nest but for right now he is in front of the lamp.  (The lamp belonged to my Mama.  I can remember her having it all my life.  No telling how old it is but I just LOVE it!)  

Deniska is now cavity free and I hope to keep him that way!  I love taking him to this particular dentist for she has the BEST lighting to cross stitch!  I wonder if she would just let me hang out in her waiting room and stitch....

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  1. A room should have only things that we love in it if possible. Just persevere and you will find the furniture you love. Does it need to be all matchy or can you shop for things you love and put together with your own style and flair? I love your mother's lamp so perhaps that can be your start.

    The bird is so cute.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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