Friday, January 21, 2011

Meatless Friday - Microwaved Potatoes

In my family, we try not to eat meat on Friday's.  During Lent, we are really strict about this but we try to observe this all year round.  (Dennis is much better about this than me and the boys!)  Tonight we wanted baked potatoes but I really didn't have the time desire to bake them in the oven.  So, I "baked" them in the microwave.  I washed the potatoes and dried them with a kitchen towel; pricked them 4 times with a fork and wrapped them in plastic wrap.  Wrapping them in plastic wrap will keep the moisture in and they will not dry out.  If you do this, do not expect a crispy skin.  It is more like a steamed potato.  I put two potatoes at a time in the microwave for five minutes, turned them over and cooked them for another five minutes.  When they were done, I wrapped them in the towel and used my hand to break them up on the inside.  I have rolled them on the counter top, but my hands worked fine.

This is one after I squeezed it with my hands and unwrapped it.

And. I cut everyone's in half and cut it up for them!  (I'm nice like that!)

 Baked potatoes are Deniska's favorite meal.  He had a baby tooth pulled today so I thought this would be a good meal for the sweet baby.  He had laughing gas at the dentist's office and is still a bit wound up from that!  He really enjoyed his meal.  (Notice how he gets as much cheese on the table as in his bowl!)  And, I might add that his dentist call us at home tonight to see how he was doing.  How nice was that?!

Dennis, of course, loaded his potato down with sour cream, butter, shredded pepper jack cheese, salt, pepper, and salsa!  Looks like he is eating a piece of fish as well.

Nikolai, being a child of few words, was just too busy eating to fool with pictures!

And, this was my plate.  I put shredded pepper jack cheese, a pat of butter, salt and pepper on mine.  It was DELICIOUS!  Personally, I can't tell the difference between cooking them in the microwave and  in the stove.  I am sure there are folks who can, but I didn't have any complaints tonight!

Just drop by sometime and I will bake you a potato for you to decide yourself!


  1. Your potatoes look yummy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. My library that I visited when I was a young girl was the Seneca library which was housed in an old, two story house. I think that I am quite a bit older than you, though. I am retired from teaching elementary school.I don't get back to the upstate too often now, but I still think it is a beautiful area of our state.

  2. I bake my potatoes this way but don't have them too often since I like way too much butter and sour cream on them.Your baked potatoes looked quite yummy:)

  3. I do prefer an oven baked potato, but then again, I never thought to wrap it in plastic wrap. Good idea!

  4. would you believe that in all the cooking I have done, that I have never microwaved baked a potato?
    I will try this, it would be a great lunch idea for me I think.

    your boys are so sweet and cute in the pictures, they remind me so much of my Bobby and Jimmy at that age. They loved baked potatoes, with lots of cheese on top.

  5. Yum! Now I am sitting here waiting for some breakfast and so I was thinking about looking up how to use a microwave for baking potatoes. Now I know. :-) I never had a microwave but there is one in our kitchen in this new house. I hardly use it as I just forget it is even there and thought about taking it out even. I love baked potatoes but they do take so long to make. I would love to join you on Friday for this meal.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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