Monday, January 3, 2011

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

my true loves gave to me 2 pair of really funky sock with 10 pink and black toes!! Are these socks not just adorable? Dennis told me that Deniska picked them out and was adamant that they buy them for me. I agree! Deniska knows his mama!!

Deniska is sick tonight with a severe headache. He came in at dinner time complaining of his head hurting. I gave him 2 Tylenol and he took a hot bath. He turned down sweets in favor of going to bed at 6:15 PM! He must really be hurting. Please pray that he will feel better soon.


  1. those are some funky socks!
    hope D is feeling better.

  2. I love those socks!! You should wear them to school some time - just the socks - no shoes - LOL!
    How is your son? Better?

    Linda in VA

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


  4. Poor Deniska, hope he feels better soon! You and your boys have been very busy cooking and crafting this Christmas. Yes, I've had a few solos here and there, nothing major. It's usually just one verse of a song, but I do enjoy it. Lots of drama in the music ministry these days, our three best singers have all left the church. Very heart breaking!

  5. How cute! And have you thought about creating a cat sampler wall in your home too? I would love to have you join in with me this year. After all, our kitties are part of the family too.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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