Friday, January 14, 2011


No school for the whole week!  We hopefully will return to "normal" on Tuesday, Jan 18th.  Monday is a holiday and we were scheduled to be off anyway.  I can't tell that much has melted in our yard.  It's all ice over the snow.

The boys go in and out throughout the day.  Wet jeans + wet socks + wet boots + cold hands = happy boys!


  1. I love it!! The "happy boys" I mean!!

  2. Hi Susan, my husband said that you left a comment on our blog.I wanted to let you know that the address has changed to
    We have a lot in common. I was raised in Oconee County in a small community called Crossroads. I read your piece about your father. My father, too, worked in a textile mill and we also had a small farm. By the way, we just started our blog a few weeks ago. You're the first person who is not a member of our family or a friend to comment on our blog. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. What nice snow pictures and memorries.We have another snow storm heading our way next week.Now I am wondering if your area will get hit once again.


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