Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Books & 6 Word Saturday

For some time now the books in my house have been growing.  Not intellectual books of great theology or philosophy like it was back before children.  No, it is the best collection of picture books and chapter books that appeal to boys.  Trucks, monsters, mysteries, cars, etc....  Being in the fourth grade now, the boys are making the transition from picture to chapter books (which I find to be sad since that means they are growing up on me!)  The book case in their room was taken over by toys and the books ended up in my bedroom. 

I have always wanted one of the spine bookshelves that are popular these days.  After looking around and talking myself into one, I ordered it the first of February.  Mine arrived in the mail this past week.  This one is a SEI Metal Spine-style Book Tower from Amazon.  Dennis, the boys, and I put it together last night.  It was a family event and it was very easy to put together.  (This is ALWAYS a necessity in my house!)  Plus, it is metal and very, very sturdy!!!  (Again, a necessity with 10 year old boys!)

The boys happily put their books on it and we probably have enough books left to fill up half another one of these.  We will be going through the books (hopefully today) and donating the easy ones to friends, the boys' school, or one of the self-contained special ed classes as my school.  The main thing that I love about this bookshelf is that it takes up so little room.  That's a big plus when you live in a small house. Plus, I love seeing the colors on the spine of the books. They just look happy to me.

(I don't know why that basket is on the floor!  Why is it you notice things in a picture that you don't see in real life?!)  Now, the trick is to get these boys reading!!!  They assured me last night that I needed to quit buying them books.  Silly boys, like that is going to happen!!  

A very special thank you to my sweet husband that put this together for me and did not complain one bit about doing so!  He is the BEST!!

Happy weekend everyone - read a good book today!


Happy Books, Happy Mom,  Happy Day!


  1. I just love to see children loving books. I told my son that I would be the book reading grandmother to little Benjamin, and I've already bought him many. Do you know he already loved books when he was only 3 months old? That's my boy! Glad Nikolai is feeling better. Poor thing. I first bought a mosaic flower pot kit at the craft store to teach me how, then branched out from there. You can do it!

  2. That is quite a stack of books!

    I love to read too.

    Happy SWS.


  3. Delightful Six Word Saturday! I love books! I still remember some of the awesome books I had as a child that led to a life-long love of reading. Your book "shelf" is so cool! I want one!! :-))

  4. Oh I love books, too!! The girls are beginning to enjoy reading more, and that sure makes me happy!

  5. did my just-left comment post or get lost in cyberspace?

  6. think it got lost :(
    anyway, these shelves are new to me, I thought from just the picture that your boys had creatively stacked up their books.
    What a great invention, I will be showing them to my book-loving Jimmy.

  7. Hmm, I have a lot of books sitting around that I've been trying to figure out what to do with. I'm going to yard sale a lot of them this Spring, but that still leaves so many I can't part with. I'm going to check out this stand.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  8. Wouldn't mind having a book shelf like that but we have a young dog and I am afraid that he might try to help himself to some books.I could easily fill it up and like you said it wouldn't take up much space.Jeremy loves to read.He has a good supply of books here.I have been the reading Nana from day one.

  9. I love that -- I always say, if we go missing, someone please look under the books. :) We have always had far too many, but since we started homeschooling it has begun to border on the ridiculous. We got my daughter a Kindle for Christmas, but the rest of us are still using the printed page. :)


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