Thursday, April 21, 2011

This past week in recap

What a week I have had!  This week is our Spring Break and a vacation week for us.  I am still recovering from my sickness.  I have yet to have a day where my temperature has been below 99.9 - just enough to be annoying and make me tired.  I want to tell you about this week.  On Sunday, we drove to Pigeon Forge, TN for a few days. 

As part of our Lent, we gave up eating out.  We did make an exception on Sunday and ate at Applebee's as soon as we arrived at PF.  You will notice that Son #1 has talent when placing his straw on his teeth!  I don't know why he didn't use 2 straws....

There was a party going on next to us and I think these two was more interested in that instead of Deniska with his straw trick.  Imagine that! 

I did manage to get a picture of Son #2 smiling!  He hates having his picture made (just like his mama!)  I don't fuss at him about this.  The sodas were part of the kids meals, Dennis and I had water.  Still, it was expensive for all 4 of us to eat.  We have gotten spoiled to eating at home and saving that money.

 After we ate, we checked in and then went to the Nascar Speedpark.  Where the boys (all 3 of them) waited in very short lines.....

Got in the cars....

Raced around and around the tracks.....

The other boys were too fast for me to get their picture.  Not saying that Dennis is slow or anything......

And, to take a break from racing, the boys would climb the wall....

No fear here!

We all had a wonderful time at the Speedpark.  It was nice for me to see the boys having so much fun.  I stayed with Nikolai while the other 2 explored the faster rides.  We would go in the mornings, back to the hotel for lunch, they would go back in the afternoon and I stayed behind to cook our dinner.  We would eat dinner and all us would go back at night.  That's all we did for 3 days.  We had such a good time.  I think it was the best vacation we have ever been on.  Probably because we kept the boys too tired to fuss! 

And what did I do, while they went in circles on the track?  I listened to a wonderful book on my iPod touch.  Matter of fact, I stayed up past midnight last night to finish it. 
This is the write up from Amazon:  The murder of Krista Carmichael's fourteen-year-old sister by an online predator has shaken her faith and made her question God's justice and protection. Desperate to find the killer, she creates an online persona to bait the predator. But when the stalker turns his sights on her, will Krista be able to control the outcome? Ryan Adkins started the social network GrapeVyne in his college dorm and has grown it into a billion-dollar corporation. But he never expected it to become a stalking ground for online Predators. One of them lives in his town and has killed two girls and attacked a third. When Ryan meets Krista, the murders become more than a news story to him, and everything is on the line. Joining forces, he and Krista set out to stop the killer. But when hunters pursue a hunter, the tables can easily turn. Only God can protect them now. 

I really enjoy all of Terri Backstock's novel.  I would highly recommend it to anyone - especially if you want a good mystery that is wholesome to read.  

We came home on Wednesday.  I went Easter shopping this morning and Dennis and the boys worked in the yard.  Dennis worked on getting the pool ready.  I took a nap!  Life is good!!


  1. You sound so rested and happy after your family break. I am glad it went well and you needed it after being sick just before you left.

    I know eating out is expensive. Thankfully, I love to cook and often we say we will get takeaway that night and I still cook even with an attack (Jos tries to help then). You also know what you have on your plate when you make it yourself. No processed foods but homemade.

    Have a Happy Easter weekend dear Susan!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog...and good luck with your goals for lent!

  3. So glad to see that all of you had a nice time in Pigeon Forge.Since Mariah is still so small for her age we didn't go to the NASCAR Speedpark.We all had a nice time at Dollywood and the weather was so nice that day.


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