Monday, May 2, 2011

Stone Mountain Field Trip

Dennis went with the boys last Friday to Stone Mountain for a field trip.  It was his year because I went to the state capitol last year.  I believe he got the best bargain!!  Deniska took his camera (unknown to me) and he and Nikolai made many, many pictures.  Of the 100 or so that he took, these were my three favorite ones.

Dennis and boys had a wonderful time!  I will share more pictures later.


  1. The goat in the bucket - too sweet! It looks like your boys had a great time!

    Linda in VA

  2. I will say that your husband did get the best bargain. The capitol is fun and all but nothing beats the view at Stone Mountain. I took about 14 girls from our Girl scout troop to Stone Mountain one year and I love them but I will never do that drive alone.
    Impressive that your boys took 100 pictures!

  3. Susan....what memories you have brought back to me.We didn't live all that far from Stone Mountain when we lived in GA..maybe 10 miles at the most.We spent lots of time there.I know it has grown a lot since we were last there in the mid 80's.Did they do the hike up the mountain?


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