Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back to School

It's back to school for me tomorrow morning.  The first day for students is next Thursday.  This summer has gone too fast!  I made this cute pencil vase yesterday out of pencils and these flower pens today.  Since I teach mostly teen age boys, I won't have to worry about them taking my pens!

I FINALLY found my classroom keys today after looking for them 2 days.  They were still in my end of year folder.  *sigh*  Seems like I remember thinking that would be a good place to leave them.  However, in my searching, I found my pedometer!  I thought I had lost it a couple of years ago at school.  But no, it was in the kitchen in my pencil jar!  Go figure....


  1. That pencil vase is cool! I saw the picture and thought, "WOW, even I could do that!" (I am not too crafty!! :-)

    Love the recovered kitchen chairs! (I was a bit behind on my reading.)

  2. The pencil vase is fun but those flower pens are just beautiful. What a cheerful thing to grab one of those when you need to write something at school. It will always remind to smile.

    I hope school is not as hectic this year so you can stay in contact over the school year. I really miss my friend Betty when she is xWilma :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. Hi Susan,
    I hope you have a great beginning to the school year. I'm missing the classroom just a wee bit this year. Love your pencil vase and the cute flower pens. Bet those boys do grab one of them!

  4. Hi Susan,
    It's me again. I found some cross-stitch thread at the auction today-all colors. It was free. I took it because I knew you cross-stitched. Do you want to me sent it to you? It's all organized in baggies according to color. There is a whole box of it. Just let me know. Jane

  5. Beautiful Flower's ! Lovely Posting

  6. I love your pencil vase.What a nice way to brighten up your classroom.Happy you found your classroom keys and pedometer.Now you can use your pedometer to track all of those steps you walk at school.I am sure they will add up fast.

  7. Hi Susan..
    How u dng?

    Colorful flowers!they are just lovely :)

    I wish you have a great beginning this year!


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