Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I took this picture of our church before Mass on Christmas Eve night.  Isn't it beautiful?

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.   We opted for a small tree this year.  Dennis really liked it,; I miss my big tree.  But, presents came anyway and everyone had a good time.

 Dennis opened the box from his mother.  The hit gift was the calendar of pictures.  Dennis really, really enjoyed that.  I think it was his favorite gift!

 The boys received games.

Then a present from my brother and his wife in North Dakota for the boys!

 My brother sent specific instructions on how to spend the money.  He sent $2 bills and Deniska is having trouble processing what all he has to do with the money.  So funny!

 A Gift from Dennis' ex-step-father.

They really made out on the money this year!

I will share our Christmas pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Boy!

 December 13th was my sweet boy's 11th birthday!!  He requested a cookie cake for his birthday.  I was fine with this since it meant that I did not have to bake a cake myself! 

 Isn't he sweet blowing out the candles?  (Hmm, I think he needs a haircut!  )

 And, this is what I get when I try to take a birthday picture of him!  Silly boy!!

St. Therese

St. Therese, the Little Flower, please pick me a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with a message of love. Ask God to grant me the favor I thee implore, and tell Him I will love Him each day, more and more.