Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brother, O, Brother!

This is my new toy - just in time for all the fall holidays!

This is a Brother CE8080PRW  - a computer that thinks it is a sewing machine.

Sews like a dream.  She has 80 stitches (which I will never use!)

I got so frustrated with my Necchi who kept breaking my thread every few inches.  After doing everything possible (including taking apart most of the machine), I gave up.  

She needs more than I can give her.

She is headed to the repairman (as soon as I can find one) this week.  

Poor machine is sick and needs to be oiled, repaired, etc....

Back to the new machine.  I think I will name her, Anne.  

Oh, be with me, Saint Anne, patron saint of seamstresses!


  1. Anne is beautiful. Have fun with her.

  2. oh, Anne looks like a wonderful new machine! I hope you 2 have lots of good stitching ahead of you.

    Next summer when you have time to play, I expect you will try those stitches and find a few favorites.

    happy stitching to you!

  3. What a beauty! Anne will be great company for many hours to come I am sure. And I am already imagining all the fun you are going to have with her. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~


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