Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 3 of the pantry challenge

This is week 3 of the pantry challenge.  We have done very well with cooking from the pantry and freezer.  We still have been buying fresh fruits and lunches for the boys to carry to school.

This is this week's menu.

Sunday - baked spaghetti with meatballs
This was a new recipe and one that we enjoyed very much!

Monday - hot dogs, chips
I made a big pot of homemade chili.  I will freeze it into smaller bags later tonight.

Tuesday- roast, rice, gravy, green beans
I have a late meeting on this day so the crockpot will help me out!

Wednesday - baked potatoes or nachos, meat, onions, cheese
Thursday - baked chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes

Friday - shrimp jambalaya, green beans

Saturday - sandwiches


  1. I typed out a comment and now it's gone! ;(

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog Cottage Sweet Cottage! I don't neccesarily LOVE routine but I KNOW that if I don't have one my disorderliness and clutter will take over which is NOT Fun at all!

    Love the pantry challenge too!

    Hope we see each other again!

  2. I need to join you and Tammy and Rhonda on the pantry challenge, too - I am spending way too much money on groceries lately!

  3. I'm a comin' to your house! Yummy!

    Love, Grandma Joyce

  4. Yummo!! What a great idea. We certainly need a pantry/freezer challenge around here. Ask anyone who knows me well - I'm a food hoarder! We use it all. Eventually :) Your menu sounds verrrry appealing to me. Thanks for the blog visit - so nice to meet you! -Tammy


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