Sunday, March 31, 2013

Birthday gifts

I had a great birthday.  The boys and Dennis gave me money to get a pedicure.  

Who doesn't love a pedicure for the spring?

 I had a wonderful birthday from my friends.  One of my friends, Tara, surprised me with a surprise birthday party at a meeting that I was attending.  She bought me this beautiful flower and angel, along with a Pig Popper!  I think that is such a funny toy!

My friend, Gail, brought me a birthday cake.  It was gone before I could even take a picture of it!  I think I got 2 pieces!  The boys really enjoyed it while I was at work!!!
The only blimp on the day was when my tooth broke off while I was eating dinner.  So, that is a trip to the dentist with $$$ in the forecast!  I am not so happy about that!

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  1. Hey Susan,
    Happy Belated birthday! I'm glad to know it was a good one. I had a pedicure a few weeks ago, but it has been so cold that I had to keep the little piggies covered! So sorry about your tooth! Don't you hate it when things like that happen! Hope you had a happy Easter!


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