Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of School

It's  the first day of school here.  Dennis and I took the boys to school this morning.  It's the first time in their young lives that I got to take them on the first morning.  Usually, I am at my school greeting my students!  I thought I would miss going to school this morning but I didn't.  Makes me want to retire and just stay home!

I go to the plastic surgeon this Thursday to see what he thinks about my leg.  I suspect he will send me home without having to have another surgery.  It looks fine to me.  This is week 7 and the leg is getting better.  I have 1-3 more weeks non-weight bearing.  In the meantime, I am enjoying being home.


  1. Susan, look at our big boys! LOL! They are fine young men and I've so enjoyed watching them grow up. I'm glad you're okay with being home right now. You need to heal, and your school will still be there when you're better.

  2. Kattey said this makes her mad and that you are not going to retire until she graduates!!!

    Love, Gail

  3. I bet it sure flet nice to take them to school. Please d not rush yourself back to work and cause problems later from not taking care of yourself.


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