Monday, August 26, 2013

Ready to Roll

Here I am, closing in on week 8!  I go to my orthopedic surgeon this Thursday and he will hopefully let me start walking with my boot.  I dream of actually being able to walk in my closet and pick out my own clothes.  Do you know how hard it is for a man and 2 boys to find matching outfits in a woman's closet?! 

Dennis took me to the plastic surgeon this past week and he dismissed me (the surgeon, not Dennis).  No surgery will be needed at this point.  He thinks the scar tissue will be strong enough to allow the skin to continue to heal.  He told me to keep it protected and not to "bump" it to hurt it again.  This is good news for me!  God is indeed good!

This Thursday I go back to my orthopedic surgeon.  He told me that he "might" let me start walking again.  He would do more x-rays to see how things were going.  And if it looked good, I could start walking again.  If that happens, I would like to go back to work on Friday.  That will give me a long break with the upcoming Labor Day.  Plus, it is college day with tailgating all day long! 


  1. I am really glad you are healing and getting good reports from the drs.

    I cannot imagine having Jeff get my clothes for me, that would never work!

  2. Susan, you are such a trooper! I'm so happy for you. Prayers have worked! Love you, sweetie.

    Joyce (a/k/a Grandma Joyce)


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