Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3 - Housewife Day

November 3rd is Housewife Day!  This day we honor all the housewives that make their homes a place of peace and love.  Housewives come in various shapes and sizes, working in the home or working outside the home, it is still hard work.  

What do we housewives do?  We love our families, give hugs to encourage, comfort, and celebrate, cook, clean, do laundry, listen, problem solve, budget, shop, plan, referee, create...the list is endless.  And, I might add, it requires an endless list of skills!  It is not for the faint of heart!

For those called to the vocation of being a housewife and mother, it is the greatest job in the world and one I would not give up for any amount of fame or money!  

It's all worth it to see a smile on your husband's and children's face at the end of the day!  It's a good thing!


  1. Sweet post! I did not know about this day, I should of been celebrating.
    Hepburn's quote is fun, she was a great actress though.

  2. And I missed it! That's what happens when I am 2 weeks behind in reading emails. lol


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