Thursday, July 12, 2007

Boys will be boys

Tonight we had out first emergency with one of the boys. Well, really it wasn't the first emergency; it was just one that needed stitches. Dennis had taken the boys swimming and Nikolai stood up on the float (how many times have I told him NOT to stand up on the float???) and fell. He cut his chin open and really deep. Dennis took him to Clemson Health Center (which stays open until 8 PM - this happened at 7 PM). Poor Nikolai had to have 2 stitches in his chin. Nikolai assured me that he did not cry even though it hurt. I told him it would have been alright for him to cry and he say he was no "cry baby!" I, on the other hand, stayed home with Deniska who insisted that we have prayer for Nikolai. He prayed the sweetest prayer. Surely a child's prayer goes straight to the ears of all Heavenly beings. To make matters worse, we had a handyman here installing 3 new ceiling fans (ours had all died). I am sure his chin will hurt tomorrow. I feel really sorry for the little fella!


  1. What a trooper Nikolai is.Hope his chin is healing well.Deniska is a sweet brother wanting to pray for his brother:)

  2. Hope Nikolai's chin did not ache too bad the next day? I think all boys have these traits.


St. Therese

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